A little "now and then " ..

Now being Saturday December 5th ,2015 and "then" being December 7th, 2014.

As seen below the last boat (as far as I know) on the water or as I like to say the last man standing the Schneider cruiser.  Yes, its still on the water and today there were even a few kayaker's watching the December 5th Sunset from the water.  I'm going to go with that does not happen very often.  I need to talk to some of lake old timers to tell me how often.

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Below is my Lake Blog Posting from December 7th 2014

Because someone has to be first ...and its not going to be me!

December 7th2014

On Lake Beulah  , where the all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.”  someone has to venture out on the ice first.  And I beleive this brave soul was that first person (that I am aware of ) to break the ice.  .....Oh , sorry Garrison Keillor.

Because I know you are wondering pretty much like I was ....Its five inches thick and the temperature today was about 40 degree's Fahrenheit ( 4.4 Celsius) ...He's a lot braver then me ....

Today was putting up the Tree Day ...So I should be posting some Christmas Pics within a couple of days.

Cheers,  Tomba