Memorial Day Weekend coming up ..

Memorial day weekend in a few days ...That means a bar check list to do ;

* Ice Maker ...Check it off the list ..Sanitized and good to go 

* Kegerator ...Lines sanitized and good to go ..Check it of the list

* Bar Liquor ..Need bourbon ..time to visit Jerry

* Keg ....

I have been hearing about different "Root Beer Beer" so I had it in my mind that was going to be our next keg beer.  Thanks to Hiroshi Witt who mentioned when visiting "some friends of mind brew Root Beer Beer" out of Wauconda, Illinois that's supplying various bars in Chicago that are selling the Root Beer Beer like its liquid gold.  So thanks to Hiroshi , we are giving it a try ..

Click on image to see Small Town Brewery site..

 Click on image to visit Small Town Brewery site..

Click on image to visit Small Town Brewery site..

To check out beer rating which is a World Class beer with a BA rating of  97 , click on below image..

 Click on image to visit Beer Advocate 

Click on image to visit Beer Advocate 

For my tastes , totally amazed that I was drinking a beer with 10.5 % alcohol.  I did not read the Beer Advocate rating until after I tasted so that I would not be influenced. This is not a beer for "slamming down on a 90 degree day " sitting on a boat or deck.  But a world class beer that's going to be way to sweet for some ..If you like Root Beer ...Jimmy???'s for you ..If you want beer that taste like beer that tastes like a lite beer and want to drink all day, this is not for you ..For me, it will be 10 oz's or so at time...OK two 10 oz's at time ....and yes , sooner or later , I will be adding Vanilla Ice Cream to "Not your Fathers Root Beer". ...and probably as I drink more 10 .5 oz alcohol Root Beer , I will want to keep drinking more, It is beer after all and the more you drink the better it is! ..Just joking ..sort of!

Continuing on with the Bar Check list;

* Air temperature in Kegerator 38 F   Liquid temperature 39.2F    Might be a little cold for this beer;

* Bottle beer ..some Shock top wheat and various crappy lite beers that I would never touch;

* During the Jerry visit ...Makers 46 - Bass -Guinness

and with that the bar is Open ...

Cheers ...