Slideshow of my favorite images captured during Glory 44 (few files from each match) and links to the complete Photo Gallery posting on the Tomba-Images commerce site.

On Friday , August 25th 2017 , I had the honor to photograph the Glory 44 Kickboxing Championships at the Sear's Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  It should be noted that Glory Kickboxing Championships were in Chicago last March and for them to hold two events in the same city in a years peroid has never been done before ...Glory Kickboxing is recognizing the value of Chi-town as a "fight town"!

Below the cover image of the Sears Centre Arena , there is a slideshow of my favorite images captured (a few images from each of the 15 match, panorama's , plus ) during the Glory Fight Night.............Note the several links below the slideshows that contain Photo Galleries of all "fight night matches" plus, Weigh-In and the Wednesday Open Workouts at the Chicago Muay Thai Kickboxing Club located at 2271 N. Clybourn in Chicago.

Click on image for full screen viewing .............Above image is availble as a Fine Art Print ,contact Tomba-Images for information.              Below slideshow contains my favorite images from each of the 15 matches of Glory 44 bouts,  panorama's of Sears Centre, ladies and special guests.

The below links will take you to varous photo galleries of images captured during the different events that took place during the "Glory Chicago 44 " fight week.

First link is "fight night" containing images of all Glory 44 matches , special guests ,Plus;

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Below link  contains  images of the August 24th 2017 Weigh-In ;

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Below link  contains  images of the August 23rd Open Workout ;

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