XFO Rockford #31 Derek Elmore vs Eli Roberts

On Saturday ,November 25th, 2017 the match of Derek Elmore vs Eli Roberts took place at Giovanni's in Rockford, Illinois. Below the cover image of the XFO fans you will find a slideshow of ;

1 -Elmore vs Roberts fighter entrance     2- Fight Night  3- XFO MMA Fans   3-The "Win" 

The best MMA fans    Click on image to view in Lightbox           

First slideshow below :The Elmore vs Roberts entrance           2nd : Elmore vs Roberts fight night

3rd  Slideshow: The Fans         4th Slideshow: The Win

All of above images  for use on Social Media or hards prints will be availble for purchase on our commerce site later in the week.  You can check on www.tomba-images.com  > click on Photo Gallery tab in the banner or contact us by text or call at 630-258 8930 for information.

See you at "UFC/XFO  Rise of the Gladiator" in Arlington Heights, Illinois next Saturday December 2nd for the tournment finals ....It's going to be a great night of MMA action.

Cheers, Tomba