Portraits of the XFO Lake Geneva fighters ...Soon to be UFC fighters..

On May 19th 2016 XFO MMA the Midwest's Premier MMA Promoter held the official state of Wisconsin athletic commissions weigh-in at the Geneva Grand National in preparation for the XFO/ UFC Fight Pass the next night. The below portraits and link to the posting of portraits are some of my favorite capturesof a great event at a great venue.


I marked my calendar for May 19th 2017 to remember to check just how many of these fine warriors will be among the UFC ranks by then. To me ,for some of these fighters its a give in or just a matter of time before they are in the UFC octagon getting their paycheck form Dana White.

Below the cover photo of the XFO Straw Weigh Champion Joey Diehl is a slideshow of some of my favorite portrait of that weigh-in night. 

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The below slideshow are some of my favorites toned portraits of the weigh in night, to view all posted images on the Tomba-Images commerce site locate the link below the slideshow.

To view the posting of the XFO/UFC/Tomba-Images portraits taken at Lake Geneva's Wisconsin Grand National on  Thursday  May 19th , 2016 Weigh In , please highlight and right-click the below link;


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