XFO Lake Geneva Wisconsin First 8 matches Favorites and link to Photo Gallery Posting

On Friday May 20th 2016 , the Midwest's Premier MMA Promoter XFO MMA held their first live UFC Fight Pass matches at the beautiful Lake Geneva Grand National. Great matches, amazing venue...the couple of days of Weigh-In,  Fight Night and day after was a wonderful time for all involved.

The slide-show below is my favorite picks of the first eight matches of the night.   Please note this is not the complete photo gallery posting of the first eight matches but my favorites.  The link to the complete Photo Gallery posting of the first eight matches is below the slideshow.  The matches #9 thru #13 will be posted tomorrow.

To view the complete Photo Gallery of the first eight matches with all the images captured, please high-light and right click the below link;


If the above link is broken, please visit www.tomba-images.com ...Locate the "Photo Galleries/ Commerce" tab in the banner, on the next page >>>click on "photo galleries".

Please note I will be posting matches #9 through #13 tomorrow.

If you have any questions, please text/call me at 630-258 8930 or e-mail at tom@tomba-images.com

Cheers, Tomba