XFO Rocktown "Showdown # 25" Photo Gallery

On Saturday October 17th, 2015 the Midwest's premier MMA promoter XFO MMA Promotions once again presented the fan favorite Rock-town Showdown #25 . This MMA action hosted by Giovanni's located at 610 W. Bell School , Rockford, Illinois was 16 MMA matches that had the Rockford/ Chicago fans on their feet yelling for their favorite fighters most of the night.

Please note all images captured at the XFO Rock-Town Showdown shown are owned by Tomba-Images/ XFO/ Zuffa,LLC and may not be reproduced without the approval of one of the owners.

The slideshow below are my favorite images of the night (few picks from each of the matches)..PLEASE NOTE , TO VIEW THE COMPLETE PHOTO GALLERY OF THE NIGHT , PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW THE SLIDESHOW.

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