The year that was ...2014

I try to limit  posting anything that's old stuff to me (anything that's older then a couple of days) ...But as everything in life there are exceptions , at times special requests, tribunes for one reason or another and in this case , my year of 2014 in review and images that that outline what I saw and what I captured in the Action Sports and Photography world of Tomba-Images. 

Some of my favorite "action images" of 2014

Some of my favorite "portraits" of 2014

Some of my favorite "collages/ posters/ commissioned images" of 2014

I know someone is going to ask me why their image didn't make the cut. Please know that I had (approximately );

14 Boxing matches - 7 MMA matches -11 Golden Gloves matches - 10 plus Photo Sessions and various Press Conferences-Weigh-In's- Open Work Outs plus during 2014 with probably 45,000 plus  clicks on my camera's. All of the "fight night" images can be reviewed at > Photo Galleries/ commerce site tab most of the Photo Sessions are private galleries. 

  So somehow I had to quickly pick favorite Sports images without turning it into a major project of opening all the folders of 2014 and looking at everything I captured during that period of time and this posting is a result of those "picked images" .  

Cheers, Tomba