XFO Outdoor Wars 52 Outdoor Wars # 10 Weigh-In

This is what we been waiting for since August of 2013 and its this weekend...Tonight the State of Illinois held the official weigh-In in preparation for this Saturdays  August 9th, 2014 Outdoor Wars being held at Sideout's in Island Lake, IL... Needless to say , the weigh-in itself was a great event just think what "fight day and night" is going to be..

Here's a few quick picks of images that I was able to capture this afternoon for the amateur WI (let me tell you the ammy's looked like Pro's to me) ...and later in the evening the Pro's ..

It may be fun for you to listen to the "Voice of MMA"  while checking out the slideshows ..Got to love the voice of Ray Flores .. 

Few "stare downs" of the day ..and studio for the night ..

Professional looking Ammy's ...Below slideshow

The Pro's ....Promoters "dream card" ..Below slideshow

Few quick notes ..Don's have time to talk about everyone ...So very good to see Matt "Sunshine" Fiordirosa back behind the wire. If you need a reason to come to Island Lake ..there you go ..I do have to say  I'm a little concerned about photographing "Grizzly Diehl" concerning how fast he was when he had a few more pounds on him.  Now that he's a Straw Weight , I'm going to need to set my shutter speed at 1/ 5000 of a second and I'm not sure that's going to fast enough to capture his hands...See you tomorrow night at Side-outs ..Need any info or directions, text or call me at 630-258 8930..

Cheers ....Tomba