XFO # 51 Fight Night at the UIC Pavillion May 31st 2014

Chicago Land's Premier MMA promoter pulls it off again with a show that had the fans on their feet paying respect for Chicago's finest  amateur's and Pro's alike... What a amazing night !!!

My images do not do justice in capturing the fight night excitement that was XFO # 51 last Saturday May 31st at  the UIC Pavilion , Chicago, Illinois....But the below images will tell somewhat of a story of a Great Night for XFO MMA ..

The first slideshow  (below) will show fourteen of my favorite images of the night as of the moment ..Every-time I review those favorite images change. 

The second Slideshow that is shown below contains favorite images of all matches ( few picks from each match) ...

The posting of the complete night, folders containing all matches, XFO Ladies and special guests can be viewed by clicking on below link ..(will require registration to view gallery)                

Tomba-Images XFO #51 Photo Gallery


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