State of Illinois official XFO #53 Weigh-in

Tonight in preparation for Saturdays (October 11th ) XFO Professional MMA matches at the  UIC Pavilion the State of Illinois held the Official Weigh-In ...

The above copyrighted sound track is "UFC its hall of fame" is writen and produced by Alex and Steve Corbo.  This copyrighted music can not be copied or reproduced without prior written approval.  Contact Tomba-Images for information.

In case you were not able to attend , where's some favorite images of the night that will be used for the "Tale of Tape" Jumbo Tron....Yes, we have come a long way from shows in the back of bars ..

Meanwhile at the scale ....

As you can see from above, there's some great fighters, great matches lined up for the true MMA fans ...Hope to see you at the UIC Pavilion in 15 hours or so ..Doors open at 5:00PM ..first match 6:00PM ...Need directions to 525 South Racine or ticket info , text me at 630-258 8930

Cheers, Tomba