Rock County Cage Fights Weigh-In

Tonight Friday September 9th , in preparation for tomorrows "Rock County Cage Fights at Telfer Park Pavilion 2101 Cranston Road in Beloit , the State of Wisconsin's official weigh-in took place at the National Martial Arts located in Beloit, Wisconsin.  


The below slideshow is some quick picks of the portraits captured tonight; 

The complete Photo Gallery cna be viewed at    click on "photo galleries/ commerce site" located in the home screen banner.   ....Or cut and paste the below link info ;


Main event tomorrow night are the local favorites  ;

Bill "The Shark" Finn vs Tony "The Scofield Kid" for the Championship Belt ...Rest of the card , lets just say 'it's stacked" .. 


 Bill "The Shark" Finn vs Tony "The Scofield Kid" 

Bill "The Shark" Finn vs Tony "The Scofield Kid" 

If you need any ticket info , directions anything at all give me a text / call at 630-258 8930 ..See you at the fights tomorrow ..

Cheers, Tomba