Glory II "Super fight Series" Photo Galleries

The images below are from the October 12th , 2013 Glory II Super Fight Series images held at the Sears Centre , Hoffman Estates, Illinois  (Chicago Area ) 

The first folder/ slide presentation  are my favorite pic's of the "Super Fight Series"  (Few files from each one of the Super Fight Matches) 

Tomba  favorites  


Gabriel Varga  vs  Jose Palacios  

Steve Moxon  vs  Reece Mcallister

Filip Verlinden  vs  Saulo Cavalari

Raymond Daniels  vs  Brian Foster

Danyo Ilunga  vs  Michael Duut

Sergey Kharitonov  vs  Daniel Sam

The Ladies of Glory World Championships

If time permits , I plan on posting The Glory II Heavyweight Tournament -Semi Finals tomorrow.  If you need anything before then please text/ call me at 630-258 8930. 

Cheers ....Tomba