Photo Gallery posting of Friday's Golden Gloves Finals

The slideshow below is my favorite images captured during the April 10th 2015 Chicago Golden Gloves Finals.  Please note , the slideshow is not the complete nights photo gallery.

Below the slideshow of the "favorite images" is the link to the complete nights photo gallery posting for Friday April 10th , 2015.

To view the complete Photo Gallery Posting , please highlight the below link > right-click to access will be necessary to enter your name and E-mail (phone number not required).

If the above link is broken, please visit   in the banner >click on Commerce/ Photo Gallery Tab > then click on "photo gallery" tab.

The Plan is to edit and post Saturday nights Final tomorrow and then start edit the Finals purchased video's . The cost for video's is $35.00 and would be available for download on Vimeo. If a hard copy DVD is required there would an additional charge of 10.50 for UPS shipping.

Cheers,   Tomba