Catching up on Lake Postings ...

Been busy enought lately with Boxing and MMA that I let the Lake Blog go by the wayside.  This is a clean up of folders during the past couple of weeks.

Getting ready for Christmas ...

Below slideshow "Thankgiving" ...and of course, the girls ...

The above December 4th sausage feast is probably one of if not the last grilling of 2017 ...Thank you my old friend "Weber" for your service in 2017.

December 9th 2017 first snow on the ground for lake , hardly a dusting but a sign that winter is here.

Cheers, Tomba

Time to turn another page in the "Lake Life" story ...

Not exactly sure why it went by so fast but it is gone for another six months or so. What am I talking about ? Talking about the warm summer sun, the sunset cruises and the Deb/ Tom deck time watching the world go round.  


Next year when we are figuring out when the piers were taken out, maybe we can look back at this November 19th post and look at the images from yesterday of watching Summer go and Winter coming in.

Complete Piers Click on above image to view in a Lightbox

In case you are wondering , the below images were captured on November 17th, 2016.  

The annual Lake Geneva 2017 Antique and Classic Boat Show..

As it is every year, once again the Boat Show at the Abbey Resort was held this weekend September 23rd and 24th , 2017.  The chance to check out over a hundred classic and vintage boats from all over the country is always a great time.

Click on above image  for full screen Viewing ...  Below are a few "pic's ' of the day ...

When your there , check out the amazing jewery by Diane Riley Dadian in the Artist's Market place, you won't be disappointed.

Cheers, Tomba


It's how we roll with the Shomo's ...Summer fun ...

We were blessed to be able the spend the August 11th through August 14th 2017 weekend with the Shomo's.  It's great to be able to spend some quality time with Charlie, Megan, Ashley, Cora and Eugene visiting the Milwaukee Zoo, Green Meadows Petting Farm, Wisconsin State Fair and to able to spend some Lake Beulah on and in the water time with the "Shomo Crew".

Below the cover image of Charlie and Eugene is a few favorite images and below the favorite images is a 22 minute slideshow capturing the weekend.

Click on above image for full screen lightbox viewing.               Below are a few favorites.                            Below the favorites is a 22 minute slideshow on Vimeo of the complete weekend images.

The below link will take you to a "Vimeo" 22 minute slideshow of images captured during the four day weekend.  If the link is broken , please highlight and right click the below link.

The below link will take you to a "You Tube " 22 minute slideshow of images captured during the four day weekend.

Cheers ,Tomba