Ice Fishing Time of the year starts on Lake Beulah

Friday December 23rd , 2016 the Men of East Troy , Wisconsin came out and tested the 2016 winters fishing.  There were a few souls that came out on Thursday but I didnt venture out till Friday.  About 33 degree's with eight inches of ice, if someone snag a 40 inch Northern Pike I didn't see it.  But Russ caught a three inch Blue Gill , not exactly a keeper but it was the first catch of the 2016 winter.

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Cheers, Tomba

What Tomba has been doing during the past month ....

Over the years, several times I have tried  had tried posting a "image a day " and it just never seems to workout with maintaining, life and other photo projects seem to get in the way. I thought it would be fun (for me anyway) to look back over recent weeks and pick out my favorites of different recent photo sessions.

 Geneva Lakes  Antique and Classic Boat Show       September 25th 2016

Palmer House CBS Sports Network   September 29th 2016

UIC Forum   CBS/ Hitz Boxing   September 30th 2016   

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Larry Lentz's Saturday Night Fights    October 1st 2016

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Bobby Hitz Weigh-In Horseshoe Venue Theater Hammond, Indiana   October 7th 2016    

Bobby  Hitz Fight Night Horseshoe Venue Theater Hammond, IndianaOctober 8th 2016;

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Milwaukee County Zoo       Milwaukee, Wisconsin         October 17th   2016

XFO MMA Weigh-InOctober 21st and  Fight NightOctober 22nd  at the H.O.M.E. Theater Arlington Heights, Illinois ;

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Yui Lee and Bill visit to Lake Beulah   October 24th   2016




The boy's of Summer ....

Nobody on the road ...Nobody on the beach ..I feel it in the air ....The summer's out of reach ...


October 24th 2016 : Ranger pulled out .....October 17th John pulled out Wave Runners ...Deb-Side should be pulled out in the next couple of days....Then docks within a week or so.

Geneva Lakes Antique and Classic Boat Show ...

We checked out the Geneva Lakes Classic Boat show presented by the Blackhawk Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society at the Abbey in Fontana, Wisconsin today. It just blew me away to see that many fine looking boats in one place. We didn't get there till almost the end at 3:00 O'clock, next year we will be going on Saturday early...Great way to spend a late September day in Wisconsin.

Doug's excellent Chris Craft                          Click on image for Lightbox viewing

People's favorite ...and mine The Aqua Aircar        Click for light box viewing