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 2013 Photo's of Tomba-Images

The below images are favorites of mine taken in 2013 ...Please contact Tomba-Images regarding any usage or hard prints of the below copyrighted images.  In picking these files ,many times  the choices had to do with what reflects best in what I try to capture in Boxing and MMA to tell the "fight story" , many are friends , many are fights that were important to me or the Chicago Fight Community, many made me smile and several made me cringe ..But all are favorites out of the fifteen to twenty thousand plus files taken during 2013.

During 2013 , I had the honor and good fortune to be able to photography as the Primary Photographer for most of the below listed clients ;  

* Professional Boxing for Bobby Hitz Boxing - 8- Count Boxing Promotions- Round Three Promotions- ESPN Boxing- KO Sports Promotions- Warriors Promotions and for publications like Hoy Publications-Fight News- MMA Uncaged (Finally made the cover of a magazine March 2013 ) and Ring.

* Professional and Amateur MMA for XFO MMA ----Bellator FC---- RFA FC----UFC # 164 in Chicago and UFC in Milwaukee ---- Ben Rothwell MMA---- Sharkbite MMA--- Headhunter MMA.

For the above clients in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin , I photography during the  2013 period approximately 15 MMA weight-in's ..15 MMA Fight Nights ...10 Boxing Weight-In's ...10 Boxing Fight Nights.. 

* Official Photographer for the Chicago Golden Golden Gloves - 3 days of registration photo's for the program and 13 nights of On-Site Printing..Estimated 10,000 files 

* Numerous Photo Sessions including clients such as SuckerPunch Entertainment  and World Wide Career Management to name a few;


Yes, it was a great year for us and 2014 is shaping up to be even better, if that's possible. 

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