Pure FC MMA Co-main and title matches Oct-27 2018 Oshkosh, Wisconsin

On Saturday night , October 20th, 2018 I had the honor to be able to photograph Pure Fighting Championships presentation of the “Pure FC- 11 -Brown vs Camus 2” at the beautiful Menominee Nation Arena in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Let me tell you , this is one awesome arena with a staff that’s so very anxious to help to make the event run smoothly and doing with a smile when ever anything was asked of them , how refreshing is that... No charge parking , $3.00 Hot Dogs , $5.00 beers ???Yeah, I was impressed.

This blog will show a slideshow of my favorite images captured during the Co- Main Event of;

- Alton Cunningham vs BJ Lacy -

-Andrew Kauzlaric vs Michael Parker - 155 Lb. Title match-

-Saul Stevens vs Brandon Sagraves - 125 Lb. Title match -

Below the cover photo of Kauzlaric vs Parker is a slideshow which contains a slideshow of  my favorite images captured during the above matches . Please NOTE THE SLIDESHOW IS NOT THE COMPLETE PHOTO GALLERY POSTING OF ALL IMAGES CAPTURE DURING these matches BUT MY FAVORITE IMAGES of the those matches. TO VIEW THE COMPLETE PHOTO GALLERY OF ALL IMAGES CAPTURED DURING THE LISTED MATCHES POSTED ON THE TOMBA-IMAGES COMMERCE SITE, LOCATE LINK BELOW SLIDESHOW.

To view the above image of Kauzlaric vs Parker full screen click on above …Below slideshow are favorite picks , to view complete photo gallery of all images captured , locate link below slideshow.

To view the complete Photo Galleries of all images captured during the Co-main and title matches , please high-light and right click the below link.

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