Bobby Hitz's Photo Gallery Posting of the complete October 8th Fight Night

Below the cover images of Mike "Hollywood" Jimenez is a slideshow of my favorite images captured during the Fight Night at the Bobby Hitz Professional Boxing at the Horseshoe Venue on October 8th, 2016. Please note this slideshow is not the complete photo gallery posting , to access the complete fight night photo gallery posting and the Weigh-In photo gallery posting , highlight and right click the link below the slideshow.

Above images Mike "Hollywood" Jimenez...Plus Jimenez vs Cubos Oct-8th 2016      Click on image to view full screen ..............The below slideshow is Tomba-Images fight night favorites--Please note this slideshow is NOT THE COMPLETE PHOTO GALLERY, THAT GALLERY IS ACCESS BY LOCATING THE LINK BELOW THE SLIDESHOW.

To view the complete " Bobby Hitz " Photo Gallery posting of all matches, Ladies of Hitz Boxing, special guests and fans ,plus for Saturday , October 8th , 2016 ,  please highlight and right-click the below link;

If the above link is broken, please visit     In the banner ..Click on > Commerce / Photo Galleries tab ...On the next page click on > Photo Galleries.

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Cheers, Tomba