Mike "Hollywood" Jimenez

I have been very fortunate to be able to have the opportunely  to watch and photography many of the Chicago Area Boxing World rising stars of the Sweet Science. One of those I have known over the years is one of the Chicago Fans favorite son's , Mike "Hollywood" Jimenez .  


The below link will allow you to download any one of the fourteen slideshows that are posted on Box.Net. Each show is approxmetely two to three minutes longs and covers Mike's boxing career through the start at Golden Gloves in 2009 and up to his next 2013 match at the Horseshoe on November 27th ..  


(1) Golden Gloves match   (12) Pro matches        (1)Photo session portraits 

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The link directly below to view slideshows will require a "Box Acoount" ..Please note signing up is free and it is the best way to view at high quality and download to smart pads. 

Show 1      Chicago Golden Gloves      April 3rd  2009     

Derek Zugic   vs Mike Jimenez

Click here for "You Tube Show 1"



Show 2   Cleo Rise vs Mike Jimenez       June 19th 2010   UIC Pavilion

Show 3   Ceasar Martinez  vs Mike Jimenez     September 17th 2010    

  UIC Pavilion  

Show 4  Jessie Lewis vs Mike Jimenez  November 19th 2010  UIC Pavilion  

Show 5 Cameron Allen vs Mike Jimenez    March 25th  2011  Hanging Gardens  

Show 6 James Denson vs Mike Jimenez  November 23rd  2011  The Belvedere  

Show 7  Bruce Rumbotz vs Mike Jimenez  Febuary 18th  2012  Horseshoe Casino

Show 8  Adian Hermann vs Mike Jimenez   May 5th  2012   Horseshoe Casino

Show 9  Antwun Echols vs Mike Jimenez   November 21st  2012  Horseshoe Casino

Show 10 Jordan Brown vs Mike Jimenez  February 1st  2013  UIC Pavillion

Show 11 Michael Walker vs Mike Jimenez    February 15th  2013  Horseshoe Casino  

Show 12 Richard Starnino vs Mike Jimenez  June 8th 2013  Horseshoe Casino  

Show 13 Derrick Findley vs Mike Jimenez  September 13th 2013  Horseshoe Casino  

Show 14  Photo session Portraits over the years  

Yes ...Its quite a few links and slideshows but its also the entire boxing career for Mike spanning a number of years...Any questions or problems text / call at 630-258 8930 or tom@tomba-images.com ......Cheers,