The Arnold fifth and final Strongman event.

The event #5  on Day two Saturday March 4th 2017  of the Arnold Strongman Classic is the lifting of the 430 Lbs. / 195 Kgs. "Austrian Oak ". Winner of this event Hafpor Bjornsson won this event by completing three rep's  while Brian Shaw took second place by completing two rep's.

The images below are of Brian Shaw's two completed and one none completed rep and below those slideshows are the Final Standing Points for the Arnold Strongest Man 2017 Competition.

The Worlds Strongest Men ...All World Class Champions..Click on image for full screen viewing..

Above image is Brian Shaws first lift ......................Below image is Brian Shaws second lift..

Above image is Brian Shaws thirs and incomplete lift ...

Final Point standing ;

Brian Shaw - 47.5 Points  The 2017 Arnold Strongest Man Champion;

Hafpor Bjornsson : 41.5 Points        Second place

Jerry Pritchett: 39.5 Points           Third place 

Tommorow next up the Awards and Man Stone ......

Cheers, Tomba 

Arnold Strongman Event # 4 -Bag over Bar ...

The event four on Day two Saturday March 4th 2017  of the Arnold Strongman Classic is the "Bag over Bar" event which is tossing a bag  over a 15' bar. Winner of this event Hafpor Bjornsson threw a 90 lbs.bag over the bar  getting him 10 points while Brian Shaw second place of this event threw a 85 lbs. bag receiving 9 points for the event.

Brian Shaw making it look easy ....Bag over Bar event..

Above images getting ready .......................Below "mind set" ...

Sometimes the smallest fan is the "Biggest Fan" ..

Next up, the Austrian Oak Lift and awards ceremony on Saturday night March 4th ....

Cheers, Tomba

From the "Arnold Classic" -The Rouge Elephant Dead Lift

On Saturday , March 4th 2017 after winning the first two Arnold Strongman events, the "Bale Tote" and the "Timber Carry" on Friday. Saturdays first Strongman Event is the Rogue Elephant Dead-Lift. The images below are of the winner of the event and of the 2017 Arnold Classic Strongman Title  Brian Shaw.  The Dead-Lift shown below is of the third and final lift of 991 Lbs. / 450 Kgs.  

                                                          Above - The man in charge ....                                      

                              Below 37 seconds -991 Lbs.  closer to the 2017 Arnold Championship

What a great time I had , what a great event ...Next posting , Brian Shaw "Bag over Bar" tossing a 85 pound bag over a 15 foot high bar. Cheers, Tomba

Still plugging away ...Keeping busy..Working every weekend..

I picked a few messages asking if I was retired the past couple of days and I was pretty confused till I was told not being at the Golden Gloves registration and I guess some lake shots I have been posting.  Let me tell you I'm around for a little longer doing that photog thing.

The reason I had to walk away from the Chicago Golden Gloves was very simple if you check out my schedule and committments I had already made since early January.

Feburary 7th : Open Workout for the Granados vs Broner for Showtime;

Feburary 8th ; Portrait sesssion for The Broke Team at Garfield Park;

February 9th: Hitz Boxing Weigh-In / Portrait session- February 10th Hitz Boxing fight night;

February 10: AM Seconds Out portrait session-PM Seconds Out Fight Night;

February 13-14-15 Office editing-posting-uploading; Feb-16-17-18 Held for the Granados vs Broner Match; Feb-21st Chicago Magazine;

February 24th and 25th: XFO MMA-RS#29  Rockford, Illinois;

March 3rd thru the 6th : Arnold Classic Columbus , Ohio -Brian Shaw;

Four time Worlds Strongest Man -Brian Shaw

Four time Worlds Strongest Man -Brian Shaw

March 10th-11th  : XFO#60  MMA Pro/AM UIC Forum, Chicago ,Illinois;

March 17th-18th: XFO Grappling Tournament Home Bar Arlington Heights, Illinois;

March -24th and 25th: Open

March 29th thru April 1st: Chris Farina Workshop San Antonio, Texas;

April 1st: Illinois 2017 MMA Hall of Fame.

Best regards, Tomba